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Hometown Heroes: The Conversation Talks To Notable Washingtonians

Aug 22, 2013

Located in the best city in the best state, The Conversation has a lot of pride in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve got the best apples, planes, music, and yoga paddle board classes in the country.  This hour, we hear from Washingtonians who are making news and bringing fame to the Evergreen State.

Dan Savage

Dan Savage is a sex columnist, author, advocate and more.  He is behind the It Gets Better project, an archive of hopeful videos aimed at troubled gay youth, and the author of "The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage and My Family." Savage talks to Ross Reynolds about marriage and family.

Lynn Shelton

Before her movies were premiering at the Sundance Film Festival and Cannes, filmmaker Lynn Shelton was catching double features at The Varsity Theatre in the U District.  Lynn is a Seattle native known for indie hits such as “Humpday” and “Your Sister’s Sister.” Ross Reynolds talked to her in May 2012, before her most recent film “Your Sister’s Sister” opened at the Seattle International Film Festival. It was the first made-in-Seattle film to open the festival.

Slade Gorton And Mel Sheldon

Former US Senator Slade Gordon is a powerhouse in national and Washington state politics. He shares stories from almost 50 years in government. Also, Ross Reynolds talks to Mel Sheldon, the chairman of the Tulalip Tribe, about his life before politics. Chairman Sheldon fished for 25 years. Before that he worked as a houseboy at two University of Washington sororities. And before that, Sheldon served as a pilot in Vietnam.