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Holiday stories of lovable rogues

Dec 23, 2016

The writer Henry Fielding defined a rogue as a rich man without charity. Merriam-Webster describes a dishonest, worthless or mischievous person. This year, Seattle stage rogues Jean Sherrard, Paul Dorpat, Khanh Doan and Kurt Beattie shared their talents for the annual “Short Stories Live: A Rogue’s Christmas.”

You’ll hear stories by James Thurber, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ali Smith, Kurt Vonnegut and Muriel Spark. Jean Sherrard curated the event.

“A Rogue’s Christmas” was presented on December 11 at Town Hall Seattle. Sonya Harris recorded the readings.

From everyone here at KUOW and Speakers Forum, best wishes for happy and healthy holidays.

Listen to the full reading below: