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The HIV Prevention Pill No One is Taking

Jun 17, 2014

Marcie Sillman talks with Shaun Knittel, associate editor at Seattle Gay News and founder of Social Outreach Seattle, about why few people in the gay community are taking Truvada, a pill that when taken daily is 99 percent effective in preventing HIV infection.

In the audio of this segment, Sillman quoted The Stranger’s Dan Savage from a New York Times article last year, “The guys these sensible health care folks are trying to reach are not sensible … They are self-identified idiots who can only be saved by a vaccine.”

Savage wrote to us on Wednesday to update his views: “That my was initial reaction to the drug, and the first study, which seemed inconclusive and was being reported incorrectly, in my opinion. But I've come around and now support the use of the drug.”