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HellaBlackLivesMatter in Seattle

Sep 28, 2016

It’s all over the news and social media: A person of color is shot and killed by police, there’s a protest, and an investigation, then another shooting. What does this seemingly endless cycle say about racism in America? 

This summer, Speakers Forum recorded an event called “Black Lives in America: Healing and Moving Forward.” It was hosted by the crew at HellaBlackHellaSeattle, a podcast focused on creating community for people of color in Seattle. 

To better understand what took place in that discussion we spoke with HellaBlackHellaSeattle co-host Eula Scott Bynoe. In this podcast you’ll hear that interview with clips from the panel discussion. You can listen to the full event below.

“Black Lives in America: Healing and Moving Forward” was a BadWill Market event. It took place at Capitol Hill’s Rhino Room on July 24. Brie Ripley recorded the discussion.

Please note: This conversation includes unedited language of an adult nature.