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Harborview says GOP health care bill will cost it $627 million

May 5, 2017

Seattle's Harborview Medical Center could lose $627 million in annual revenue by 2026 under the GOP health care bill passed by the House.

That’s according to Harborview executive director Paul Hayes who said Friday that patients were likely to suffer if the bill becomes law.

"In addition to adverse financial impact, you can only imagine the dramatic impact it will have in the health of those we serve,” Hayes said.

State officials say the bill, as it is now, would take more than $1 billion out of Washington's economy each year.

They say up to 700,000 people in the state could also lose coverage.

Washington state's senators said Friday that they’re gearing up for a fight.

Democratic Senator Patty Murray said she wants to send a clear message to Republicans and to President Trump.

"This awful, disastrous Trumpcare bill is a complete non-starter. Trumpcare is headed straight to a dead end in the Senate."

Murray said that instead of repealing the Affordable Care Act, she wants to work with Republicans on the issues they have with the law.

"Our goal is to make health care affordable, accessible and quality,” she said. “So we have said repeatedly, take repeal off the table, we're happy to work on the challenges with you moving forward. And they've refused to do that."

Murray said she wants to see meaningful hearings and opportunities to amend any health care bill voted on in the Senate.

Joining Murray at a press conference Friday, patient Julie Negrin spoke about her personal fears associated with the Republican bill.

Negrin suffers from a genetic syndrome that has caused multiple cancers. She said the Affordable Care Act saved her life and, she fears that if it's repealed, her health care costs will skyrocket and her pre-existing conditions may make health care unattainable.

"I don't want to be in the position and nobody should be in the position between bankrupting my family and dying,” Negrin said. “And that's what this Republican bill would do."

One Washington Republican, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, voted for the bill in the House on Thursday. Rep. Dan Newhouse, also a Republican, was absent for the vote but also had supported the bill.

All of Washington state's Democratic representatives voted against the measure.