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'Fresh Air' with Terry Gross returns to KUOW weekday schedule

Jun 20, 2016

Beginning Monday, June 27, listeners will hear the nationally syndicated program Fresh Air on KUOW 94.9.  While Fresh Air has been a staple of the KUOW2 weekday schedule for years, this marks the return of the popular show to KUOW’s main channel. The show will air at 7 p.m., Monday-Thursday, following All Things Considered and Marketplace.

Fresh Air has been a consistent favorite of KUOW listeners,” says KUOW Interim Program Director Arvid Hokanson. “The show is popular with listeners on KUOW2, and we continue to hear from listeners that they want more Fresh Air in our programming.”

Fresh Air is a Peabody Award-winning magazine of contemporary arts and issues, and one of public radio’s most iconic programs. Host Terry Gross gives interviews as much time as needed and complements them with comments from well-known critics and commentators. Notable guests on Fresh Air include David Sedaris, Stephen Colbert, Jay Z, Meryl Streep, Jon Stewart, Maurice Sendak, Tina Fey, and Tom Waits. Fresh Air is produced by WHYY in Philadelphia and distributed by NPR.

Fresh Air will replace BBC Newsday. KUOW listeners will still hear BBC Newshour weekdays at 1 p.m., BBC World News every morning before Morning Edition, and as individual BBC stories shared throughout KUOW’s broadcast schedule. BBC Newshour, BBC’s Newsroom, and BBC World Service can also be heard on KUOW2. See a full list of KUOW broadcast schedules.


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