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Energy Secretary Meets With Inslee On Hanford

Mar 18, 2014
Originally published on March 17, 2014 2:51 pm

Washington Governor Jay Inslee says the U.S. Department of Energy is failing to provide him a “comprehensive” Hanford clean-up plan.

The Democrat's comments follow a face-to-face meeting with the Secretary of Energy who made a special trip to meet with the governor.

Governor Inslee says he appreciates Secretary Ernest Moniz’s visit to the Capitol to talk Hanford cleanup. But in a statement after the meeting Inslee said the Secretary’s draft cleanup plan lacks a “level of detail” the state of Washington is seeking.

Inslee says he will now consult with Attorney General Bob Ferguson and the Washington Department of Ecology about next steps. That could include more legal action.

The feds are responsible for removing and treating 56 million gallons of hazardous and nuclear waste at the Cold War-era site in southeast Washington. Buried waste tanks are leaking and construction on a multi-billion dollar treatment plant is years delayed because of technical challenges.

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