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Debating I-502: Should Washington State Legalize Marijuana?

Oct 19, 2012

Should marijuana be taxed and regulated in Washington state? Initiative 502 would allow for the sale and possession of marijuana for adults over 21. If voters approve I-502, Washington state would be out front in challenging federal marijuana policy. We discuss legalizing pot with Alison Holcomb of New Approach Washington, Douglas Hiatt of Sensible Washington, former DEA administrator Peter Bensinger and former Seattle police chief Norm Stamper.

Also this hour, performance artist Laurie Anderson. She wrote her latest show (“Dirtday!”) to respond to the national anxiety that grew out of the September 11 attacks, and found she had more in common with politicians than she thought. Laurie Anderson joins us to talk about music, storytelling, the Occupy movement, fear and hope for things to come. Plus, state climatologist Nick Bond joins us with a weekend weather forecast.