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Data Insecurity: What We Accept When We Click 'Agree'

Aug 6, 2015

Here in the internet age we might wonder, are democratic ideals and technological innovations compatible?

Most of us leave a wide digital trail in the wake of our day to day activities. Organizations and governmental agencies have a keen interest in following where that trail leads.

This episode of Speakers Forum explores how surveillance and newly-emerging technologies affect our civil liberties and shape our lives.

The “How Technology Impacts Civil Liberties” event took place at Town Hall Seattle on July 14. It was sponsored by Town Hall and The Center for Democracy & Technology. The CDT works to protect online civil liberties, while supporting policies that keep the Internet open, innovative, and free.

Former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan moderated the panel. She was joined on stage by Nuala O’Connor, the president of the Center for Democracy & Technology, and a former lead privacy lawyer for Amazon; Racquel Russell, the director of Government Relations and Public Affairs for Zillow; and Ryan Calo, the faculty director of the University of Washington’s Tech Policy Lab. New York University Law School Fellow Ira Rubinstein introduced the event.

Thanks to Anna Tatistcheff for our recording. 

Photo credit: "Hands are the keys," by Leslee Lazar on Flickr (CC BY NC 2.0)