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Cruz's big campaign cash haul doesn't pay off in the end

May 4, 2016

Candidates who raise the most money tend to win elections.

But not always.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz was scheduled to speak at a rally in Spokane and a fundraiser in Redmond on Wednesday and at a rally in Bothell on Thursday.

But he dropped out of the presidential race Tuesday night after Donald Trump's big win in Indiana.

Cruz was the biggest fundraiser of any Republican candidate, according to the Federal Election Commission. His campaign has raised $79 million.

That's compared to about $49 million for Trump.

The billionaire has mostly self-funded his campaign.

The Trump campaign has about three times more money than Ohio Governor John Kasich. News reports said Kasich planned to drop out, too.

Ted Cruz also raised more money from Washington state -- $900,000 -- than any other Republican.

Democratic contenders Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have each raised more money in Washington state than all the Republican candidates combined. With $3.9 million in contributions, Sanders has raised the most of any candidate from Washington state donors, with Hillary Clinton second at $3.1 million and Ted Cruz a distant third.