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Coal Port Hearings In Seattle

Dec 13, 2012

Coal transported by train through Bellingham in 2009.
Credit Flickr Photo/Ryan Sitzman

Officials from the US Army Corps of Engineers and state Department of Ecology hear public comment in Seattle this afternoon about a plan to build the largest coal export terminal on the West Coast near Bellingham. KUOW's Ashley Ahearn joins us with details. Then, we look at Michigan's new "right to work" legislation and the possible ripple effects in Washington state with University of Washington Professor Jim Gregory.

Also this hour: according to the American Psychological Association, more than 3 in 4 people experience physical and emotion symptoms from stress. We look at Seattle's pursuit of density in South Lake Union with Mark Hinshaw and Daniel Abramson. Plus, we talk with playwright Paul Mullin and actor Rebecca Olson about the notion of "site-specific theater" and the Custom Made Play Project.