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Caught red handed: new label for pot products

Jul 14, 2016

Mr. Yuk may have a new sibling in Washington: a bright red hand.

Washington's Poison Center has unveiled the new warning label to identify products that are not for children, like edible marijuana. The new label has a red hand, the words "not for kids," and the number for the Poison Center.

The Liquor and Cannabis Board regulates marijuana in Washington. Spokesperson Brian Smith says labeling would add to the measures the board already takes to prevent kids from using pot.

Smith: "So we don't allow in the marketplace things that are like gummy bears and cotton candy and things that are especially appealing to children ... And so this has been an ongoing thing to at least have some tools in our toolbox to keep it out of the hands of kids."

Marijuana products like pot brownies and sodas could don the new logo in January, at the earliest. The board plans to approve the labels and other pot laws by then.

Cannabis products were going to come with the Mr. Yuk label but some in the marijuana industry argued that pot is not poison.