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The Case For Not Having Kids

Feb 4, 2013

Sweet dog versus cute baby: Who will reign supreme?
Credit Flickr photo/Fernando Garcia

In Seattle, more people have cats than have kids. Same goes for dogs. In fact, Seattle is the second-most childless city in the US, just behind San Francisco. Deciding to have a child is a big decision; so is deciding not to. Seattle Times columnist Sharon Pian Chan recently addressed the issue in an editorial titled “Why I’m Not Having Kids.” Have you made the same decision? What conversations did you and your partner have? What reaction did you get from friends and relatives? We'll talk with Sharon Pian Chan and hear your take. Call us during the program: 206.543.5869 or write to

Also this hour: to mark World Cancer Day, we'll discuss the challenges of treating and researching cancer globally. Dr. Jackson Orem, director of the Uganda Cancer Institute and Dr. Corey Casper director of Infection Control at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance join us.