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Can you name five woman leaders in 60 seconds?

Aug 14, 2017

"There's never a time when a woman really wins anything," says political strategist Cathy Allen.

After Seattle's 2017 mayoral race primary, Allen and University of Washington professor Cate Goethals discussed gender equity in politics and business on KUOW's The Record. 

Allen clarified: Just because a woman will be Seattle's next mayor doesn't mean women can stop worrying about issues like equal pay and discrimination. There remain disparities between even the "highest-educated" women and their male counterparts.

Goethals told us when she asks her students at the Foster School of Business to name five woman leaders in 60 seconds, many can't.

Or their answers fall into one of two categories: a relative ("Mom"), or a celebrity ("Oprah"). She writes all the responses on the board so students can see what's missing on their lists: the businesswomen and politicians "in between."

Goethals hopes students look for more women role models they can realistically emulate.

Check out our listeners' responses to that challenge below. What about you? How many women leaders can you name in 60 seconds?