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Can We Bring Back The Oceans Of The Past?

Jan 15, 2013

Diving with a hawksbill turtle.
Credit Flickr photo/Malcolm Browne

Think you’ve seen a healthy ocean in your lifetime? You probably haven’t. National Geographic's explorer-in-residence Dr. Enric Sala studies marine ecosystems to understand the past and present ocean, and to plan for the future. He also works to protect pristine seas that still exist. How are the world's oceans doing? And what can be done to reverse the damage? We’ll find out what’s missing from the ocean landscape.

Also this hour: City Arts Magazine editor Leah Baltus and Prometheus Brown (aka Geo of Blue Scholars) join us in the Chat Room to discuss rampant Sonics rumors, "Book of Mormon" at the Paramount, Seattle's new gun buyback effort and the Seahawks' painfully close final game.