Buzz Kill: A Reminder That Pot Can Pose Health Risks

Jul 11, 2014

Credit Flickr Photo/prensa4 (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Now that Washington's first retail marijuana stores have opened to the public, officials face a major effort to educate consumers about how to use pot responsibly. Bill Radke talks with marijuana researcher Roger Roffman about some of the misconceptions and risks associated with cannabis use.

Roffman points out high-risk scenarios before picking up a pot habit in any form:

  • Teenagers should avoid early and regular use
  • Don't use if you're pregnant
  • Don't use if you're schizophrenic
  • Don’t use if you have cardiovascular disease

And if you’re new to pot, “take it slow.” It’s a lot stronger than the weed your parents used to smoke.