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BIKETOWN Sees More Than 3,000 Users In First Days, Plus Vandalism

Jul 22, 2016

Three days after its launch, BIKETOWN, Portland's new bike share program sponsored by Nike, had 1,381 people sign up for annual memberships and 2,237 people buy a day pass or single ride users.

Both of these numbers have exceeded expectations for the first few days of the program, said Dani Simons, director of communications and external affairs for Motivate, BIKETOWN's operating company.

Although it seems BIKETOWN has gotten a warm welcome, some of the Nike designed bikes have recently been vandalized, said Dylan Rivera, spokesperson for the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

Rivera said there is no suspicion that the vandalism occurred out of specific disdain for the new bike share, but the Portland Bureau of Transportation is looking into potential video evidence to pursue prosecution.

"Graffiti and vandalism are an unfortunate part of everyday life," said Rivera. "Any building of facility or structure can be unfortunately subjected to the more unfortunate aspects of human nature," he said.

Rivera is confident that Motivate, which runs the bike share in New York City with over 8,000 bikes, is "more than capable to handle anything that comes up in Portland."

Rivera wants to remind people that if they witness vandalism of BIKETOWN bikes or structures or vandalism of any kind, they should call 911.

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