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Affordable Housing | Young Podcasters | Single Mom With Cancer

Jun 20, 2018
Originally published on June 21, 2018 2:04 pm


The National Low Income Housing Coalition just released its annual “Out of Reach” report, which shows there is no state in the country where a minimum wage worker can afford a two-bedroom apartment. Coalition president and CEO Diane Yentel discusses this year’s findings.

We hear from 10-year-old Bea Red Star Fletcher and 9-year-old twins Veronica and Dana Brunberg Sparling about creating and hosting their own podcasts. Bea is the host of “Bea’s Big Laughs,” a show where she interviews predominantly female comedians with the help of Carrie Brownstein. She says she created the podcast to inspire young girls who want to become comedians. The twins are the co-hosts of “Roam Schooled,” a podcast where, with the help of their father, they pursue answers to the girls’ curious questions. 

Chris Messina was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer three years ago while she was a single mother to two young children and working as a behavioral therapist. Now six months after she became cancer-free, we hear her story and how a local nonprofit, Michelle’s Love, became an unexpected community she says she will forever be a part of.

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