Cathy Duchamp

News Director

Cathy Duchamp is KUOW's Managing Editor, responsible for setting the editorial priorities for local news coverage and leading our team of reporters and editors.   Cathy's first day in a public radio newsroom was January 28th, 1986, the day the space shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 minutes into flight.  The challenge of covering breaking news got Cathy hooked.  After tours in TV news and high tech, Cathy began her public media career in earnest.  She's worked as a reporter and editor at KUOW, and did stints at NPR and Marketplace before returning to Seattle in 2012 to lead the newsroom.   

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SPD Drone
KUOW photo/Amy Radil

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn put an end to a controversial  program where unmanned miniature helicopters equipped with cameras would be used to fight crime. Critics had privacy concerns about police surveillance. The timing of Mayor McGinn's decision could become an issue in his re-election bid.