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  • Podcast Producer

    Year started with KUOW: 2015

  • Community Engagement Director

    Year started with KUOW: 2013

    Caroline oversees community outreach, partnerships, promotions and events for the station. Prior to KUOW, Caroline was the Promotions Director for The Stranger newspaper and the Production Manager for the...

  • Reporter

    Year started with KUOW: 2008

    Carolyn covers Seattle’s growth and the challenges people have in meeting the regional economy’s shifting demands. She came to KUOW after careers at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Montreal Gazette...

  • President and General Manager

    Year started with KUOW: 2014

    Ms. Caryn G. Mathes serves as President of Puget Sound Public Radio and General Manager for KUOW 94.9.

    Her first major project upon her arrival in January 2014, was to lead development of a five-year ...

  • Announcer

    Year started with KUOW: 2015

  • Development Services Officer

    Year started with KUOW: 2016

  • Office Assistant, RadioActive

    Year started with KUOW: 2015

  • Senior Underwriting Account Representative

    Year started with KUOW: 2010

  • Underwriting Account Representative

    Year Started with KUOW: 2013

    Faust develops new business relationships with national brands that want to speak to the KUOW audience on-air, online and through event sponsorship.

    She has 28 years of experience crafting multi...

  • Operations Director

    Year started with KUOW: 1997

    Dane Johnson oversees the day-to-day operations of the technical and facility needs of KUOW and its media products. He also helped co-design KUOW’s current studios and office space.

    Dane has over...

  • Reporter and Interviewer

    Year started with KUOW: 2004

    Before landing in the Emerald City, David Hyde tried out several others, including New York, Tokyo and Portland, Oregon. As a student at Reed College in Portland, David discovered two loves: His love for the...

  • Reporter

    Year started with KUOW: 2005

    Deborah Wang is a news and feature reporter for KUOW. She covers a range of subjects, but mostly focuses on politics and government. She is also host of IN Close on public television station KCTS9.

  • Assignment Editor

    Year started with KUOW: 1998.

    As KUOW's Assignment Editor, Derek coordinates the news team's daily coverage.

    Previously, Derek has been the station's interim news director, the local host for Morning Edition and All Things...

  • IT Operations

    Year started with KUOW: 2004

  • Broadcast Tech

    Year started with KUOW: 2016