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Angela Nhi Nguyen


Year started with KUOW: 2017

Angela describes KUOW as her "radio womb." She started out in the station's youth program, RadioActive, and has continued to tell stories over the airwaves ever since. She currently is a mentor for RadioActive and also serves as a general assignment news reporter.

Over the years, Angela has received awards for her work including a regional Edward R. Murrow Award, two PRNDIs, and a Korva Coleman Excellence Award. She was also part of NPR's Next Generation Radio Project.

Angela worked at Northwest Public Radio for three years as an announcer/assistant producer for the local All Things Considered. She was a freelance reporter for Northwest News Network and even made it onto the national newscast a couple times as a teenager.

She has one year left at Washington State University. Angela loves telling anecjokes (anecdotes with cheesy twists) and petting her cats that she's furry allergic to.

Ways to Connect

The AmazonFresh Pickup site in Ballard.
KUOW Photo/Angela Nhi Nguyen

Amazon Prime members can now pick up their groceries without getting out of their cars. This is part of a new service they’re trying out called AmazonFresh Pickup.

But what does that mean for traditional grocery stores?

Number of shots fired in Seattle in 2017 is at a five-year high. Despite this, police officials say the violent crime rate is lower than it was a few years ago.
Seattle Police Department

Seattle Police said the number of shots fired in the city in 2017 is at a five-year high. Department officials briefed the City Council this week about gun violence.

Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant announces her endorsements for Seattle mayor and council races at the Yesler Community Center, May 17, 2017.
KUOW Photo/Angela Nhi Nguyen

Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant is endorsing candidates for the 2017 election. The lone Socialist on the City Council said she’s supporting Nikkita Oliver and Jon Grant in their respective campaigns for city hall. Both candidates pledged not to take any corporate money during their campaigns.

bikes in Seattle
Flickr Photo/papahazama

When bikes are stolen, there’s no easy systematic way of keeping track. If they are found, returning them to the owner can be difficult.

Just ask ­­­­Christopher Schumaker, a bicycle deliveryman.