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From Texas Standard:

If you Google "Syria and civilian casualties," you’ll find numbers that vary widely depending on who is reporting the information and why. Russia has long been blamed for a lack of discretion in choosing targets for its airstrikes, leading to massive numbers of civilian deaths. But with President Donald Trump giving field commanders more latitude to fight ISIS, claims of civilian casualties caused by American-led forces have increased significantly.

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Former Oregon Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins is taking over the chairmanship of the state's Democratic Party.

Atkins was chosen by the party's state central committee Sunday in an election held in Salem. She replaces retired Portland lawyer Frank Dixon, who did not seek re-election.

On a vote of 84-67, Atkins defeated longtime party official Larry Taylor of Astoria. He backed Bernie Sanders' presidential candidacy last year and had strong support from many other Sanders followers critical of the party establishment.

Esther Honig

Outside an old, brick apartment complex, Virginia Nunes Gutierrez pulls two large, plastic garbage bags from the trunk of her white Ford Explorer. “We have a diaper fund, so we buy diapers," for immigrant families in need, Nunes Gutierrez explains. “Also, we have some clothes that the church donated.”

Her arms full, Nunes Gutierrez climbs the steps to one front door and knocks. She says this is her third trip to this house.

After 30 great years with OPB, “Oregon Experience” producer Eric Cain is retiring.

"Our community is violating no federal laws," Austin Mayor Steve Adler said in response to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' remarks today that the Justice Department would go after "sanctuary" jurisdictions that don't cooperate with immigration authorities.

During surprise remarks at the White House, Sessions urged these jurisdictions to reconsider their policies.

Primate brains may have grown larger and more complex thanks to a fruit-filled diet, a new study suggests.

By an overwhelming 31-1 vote, NFL owners have approved the Raiders' move from Oakland to Las Vegas — though the team will still remain in the Bay Area for at least the 2017 season and possibly longer.

The number was nothing less than a shock to the system. In text set beside a series of photographs, each one depicting a girl of color staring back at the camera, the image that went viral on social media last week claims to lay bare an appalling truth: "14 Girls Have Gone Missing in DC in the Last 24 Hours."

Trouble is, police say the claim is not true.

California real estate developers have offered to buy a Multnomah County jail that cost taxpayers $58 million dollars to build but has only been used in film and TV shoots.

The county is trying to sell Wapato Jail so it doesn’t have to pay the maintenance costs, estimated at $300,000 a year.

County spokeswoman Julie Sullivan-Springhetti says the county is pleased to get an offer on the building.

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The Associated Press has tallied up business lost in North Carolina because of the controversial "bathroom bill," and estimates the total cost is at least $3.76 billion over 12 years.

That estimate is probably low, the wire service says.

The aftermath of the health care battle in Washington. What’s next?