'Week in Review' panel Gyasi Ross, Ron Sims, Jonathan Martin and KUOW's Bill Radke.
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How come America isn’t mocking Washington state as unrepresentative and irrelevant? Also, why do people of color favor Hillary Clinton? A pilotless car self-drives around Kirkland, is that our future? And what is the lesson of the shooting in the Jungle?

Bill Radke interprets this week’s news with former King County Executive Ron Sims, lawyer and activist Gyasi Ross, and Seattle Times editorial writer Jonathan Martin.

Jason Margolis

When a person is granted asylum in Sweden, the first order of business: learn the language.  

The small Swedish city of Södertälje is known for being the childhood home of tennis legend Bjorn Borg, and now, as home to many migrants from Syria and Iraq. I spoke with Sevag Yemenyjan outside of a Swedish language classroom. He fled Syria and left everything and everyone behind. I asked how he chose Sweden.  

“Someone told me Sweden is good. They help for school, and help two years,” said Yemenyjan in somewhat stilted English.

Cargo ships stoke terror fears in Europe

3 hours ago
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European security officials are concerned about the dangers posed by cargo ships. Smuggling has long been a problem, but fears are now rising about terrorists taking advantage of these illicit activities.

The problem is that Europe simply does not have a comprehensive official tracking system for the estimated 10,000 cargo ships that ply European waters every month. Some nations are much better than otheers at checking vessels when they arrive in their ports.

Republicans listed other problems with transportation in the state since Peterson took the job: Tolling on 520 across Lake Washington, Bertha, the enormous boring tunnel in Seattle that has failed to move forward, and ferries breaking down.
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A coup went down in Olympia this afternoon.

Surprising Democrats, Republican lawmakers called for a confirmation hearing for Lynn Peterson, Secretary of Transportation for Washington state. In a party line vote of 25 to 21, they voted to fire her.

What Does Colorism Look Like In Seattle?

4 hours ago
RadioActive youth producers Ahlaam Ibraahim and Esa Tilija. Ibraahim says 'when you're born, they call you a lighty, and it's praised.'
Courtesy of Esa Tilija

"When you're born, they call you a lighty, and it's praised," said Ahlaam Ibraahim, one of the hosts on this month's RadioActive podcast. She along with Esa Tilija explore the world of colorism. They interview fellow Seattleites to find out what they know about it and share stories from their own communities. 

Plus, hear Kamna Shastri's story about her perspective on colorism as an Indian-American with albinism. "Just seeing people like Nina Davuluri or Mindy Kaling reminds me of everything I want and can't attain," she said.


A new group has taken up residence in fractious eastern Ukraine. Russia’s ultra-nationalist Night Wolves biker gang has established an armed camp near rebel-held Luhansk.

Their mission, as they see it, is to play a part in securing the region’s independence from Kiev.

There are times when you might prefer to just eat takeout alone at home in front of the TV. But if you’re looking for a more refined, more interactive eating experience, then you have to check out kappo. 

Kappo is formal dining, Japanese-style, but it’s also like hanging out near the kitchen where you can chat with the chefs and watch your meal prepared right in front you.

As food journalist Steve Dolinsky describes kappo, the chef and customers face each other across a counter.

On New Year’s Eve, Anas Maghrebi and his band Khebez Dawle played for a packed theater in Cologne, Germany.

“When you’re on stage you start to think, where am I exactly? Why am I here?” Maghrebi says.

This wasn’t how he had expected to be spending this New Year’s Eve.

Maghrebi formed Khebez Dawle in Damascus in 2012 when he was still optimistic about the Syrian uprising. Khebez Dawle literally means “government bread” — the type the state provides at a subsidized price.

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In modern China, it's totally possible to have top Communist Party officials and Ferrari driving playboys in the same family.

Totally possible.

But sometimes when the lines blur, the results can be ugly.

Take the case of Ling Wangchen and his brother, Ling Jihua.

Ling Jihua was a top Chinese leader. And he’s believed to have handed over top secret documents to his brother Wangchen who, it is believed, handed them over to individuals in the US.

Reuters/Jim Watson/Pool 

"Old witch" and "iron lady” are just some of the comments describing Hillary Clinton. But they're not coming from Republicans.