Mobile Streaming

KUOW News Apps For iPhone, iPad and Android

Listen to KUOW and KUOW2 live, keep current on the news that impacts the Puget Sound region, and catch your favorite local and national programs.

KUOW News App
in the Android Market:


  • KUOW news and programs on demand
  • Listen to KUOW and KUOW2 live
  • Multitask on your phone with KUOW streaming in the background
  • View KUOW's daily program schedule
  • Find quick links to become a member or to contact KUOW
  • Find quick links to KUOW on Facebook and

Just search for "KUOW" in the iTunes App Store or Android Market — it's free!

If you have problems with streaming on your mobile device, please visit our FAQ page.

More Public Radio Apps

To install from your iPhone, go to the App Store and search "public radio" and select the Public Radio Player.

To get the free NPR News App, access the App Store or Android Market from your handset and search "NPR," then follow the instructions to download the app.

Streaming On Windows Phones

You can launch KUOW's Windows stream from Internet Explorer by visiting on your Windows Phone and click on the Windows link in the right sidebar. If that doesn't work, you can open Windows Media Player 10 Mobile and:

  • Click on the Now Playing icon in the bottom menu
  • Click the green arrow/plus symbol in the bottom menu
  • Click Menu, then choose Open URL
  • Type

Stitcher SmartRadio For iPhone, Android, BlackBerry And Palm Phones

You can hear KUOW programs on Stitcher SmartRadio. Stitcher allows you to listen to your favorite shows directly from your iPhone, Android phone, BlackBerry or Palm phones. On–demand and on the go!

Don't have Stitcher? Download it for free today at or in the app stores. Stitcher SmartRadio — The Smarter Way To Listen To Radio.

Streaming Apps For BlackBerry

Nobex Radio Companion: Either use your BlackBerry browser to go to the download page for automatic installation or go to the page from a computer and have the direct installation link emailed to you.

FlyCast: Use your BlackBerry browser to go to the download page for automatic installation.