Media Sponsorship Program

KUOW is proud to provide in-kind on-air support for nonprofit events happening in our broadcast region. We sponsor a variety of arts, culture and civic events that reflect the mission of KUOW's programming and provide enjoyment, service and outreach to our audience.

KUOW Media Sponsorship Program And Purpose

KUOW’s Media Sponsorship program strives to provide a voice for diverse, thought-provoking ideas, people and experiences within our community. By providing in-kind media sponsorship to local nonprofit organizations and events, KUOW exposes listeners to a variety of cultural, artistic and community experiences throughout the Puget Sound region that entertain, promote discourse and increase participation in our community.

Media Sponsorship Awards

Media sponsorship awards consist of on-air messages that air on KUOW, an online events calendar listing and text mentions in KUOW printed and electronic communication pieces. These awards are granted exclusively to nonprofit events through an annual application process. Applications become available each spring and selections are made by the end of June. Media Sponsorship awards are valid for one calendar year (July 1 - June 30).

Online Public Events Calendar

KUOW hosts a public events calendar on our events webpage. This events calendar is open to any nonprofit-led event. Nonprofit organizations in KUOW’s broadcast region can submit events for posting on this calendar through a form on the events webpage. This calendar is available to nonprofit events only and must adhere to KUOW event guidelines, which can be found on the events submission page. KUOW-sponsored events will be flagged as such in the listing, and all nonprofit events will be reviewed and subject to revision by KUOW editors before being published on the calendar. Submit an event.


If you have any questions regarding KUOW media sponsorship or our public events calendar, please email us at

Applying For KUOW Media Sponsorship

KUOW Media Sponsorship Applications are available now for 2015-2016!

Deadline: June 1, 2015.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations based in KUOW’s listening area (Puget Sound region). Please see guidelines below for more detailed eligibility requirements.

Information: contact Timie Dolan  at or 206.221.2750

To apply: Download and read the 2015-2016 Media Sponsorship Guidelines & Questions for either a series/season or single event and fill out the application questions on the final page. Email completed form to

Event Series: sponsorship granted to a series of events within one year. This type of sponsorship applies to theatre, concert, dance, literary, film or any other series- based activities.

Single Event: sponsorship of a single event. This type of sponsorship applies to annual festivals, single museum or art exhibitions and other special one-time events. You may apply for sponsorship for up to 3 single events within the same year on one application.

KUOW’s online public events calendar accepts event submissions throughout the year. You may submit your nonprofit event for inclusion on KUOW’s calendar here.

KUOW Sponsored Events: Organization Resources