Yoko Ott http://kuow.org en Yoko Ott Loves Contemporary Art And So Should You http://kuow.org/post/yoko-ott-loves-contemporary-art-and-so-should-you <p>Contemporary art is a lot like baseball: you can't really enjoy it until you understand a few rules.&nbsp;&nbsp; Nobody, not even the hippest art insider, is born appreciating abstract expressionism or conceptual performance.&nbsp;In fact, no two&nbsp;people will give you the same&nbsp;definition of contemporary&nbsp;art.&nbsp; It can be anything, from abstract painting to live performance.</p><p>With&nbsp;her stylish clothing and regal bearing,&nbsp;&nbsp;art educator and curator Yoko Ott looks like she was born in one of the world's great art capitals.&nbsp; But appearances are deceiving.&nbsp; "It doesn't get further away from the contemporary art scene than a little island in the middle of the Pacific," she laughs.</p><p> Mon, 14 Jan 2013 20:12:04 +0000 Marcie Sillman 5798 at http://kuow.org Yoko Ott Loves Contemporary Art And So Should You