en Providing Equal Health Care, Art Of Our City, And The Interfaith Amigos <p><strong>Providing Equal Health Care</strong><br>The Human Rights Campaign released its 2013 Healthcare Equality Index. The HEI is a survey of how health care facilities treat patients from the LGBT community. Both UW Medicine and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance were recognized for being&nbsp; a “leader in LGBT health care equality." What does it mean to provide LGBT patient-centered care? Nicki McCraw, the assistant vice president of human resources for UW Medicine explains. &nbsp;</p><p><strong>Art Of Our City</strong><br>This year could be the last time audiences see Seattle Opera’s current production of the Ring Cycle.&nbsp; The four-part opera marathon is the story of Norse gods and goddesses, love and greed.&nbsp;The final opera, “Twilight of the Gods,"&nbsp;ends with the destruction of the world as the gods and goddesses know it.&nbsp;What does it take to end the world?&nbsp; Seattle Opera technical director Robert Schaub knows.&nbsp;He’s the man who helped turn the artistic vision into stage reality.&nbsp;Schaub took Marcie Sillman behind the scenes and then sat down to talk about theater magic.</p><p><strong>The Interfaith Amigos On The Role Of Ritual</strong><br>All of us have rituals we engage in.&nbsp; Maybe you eat lunch at the same restaurant every day.&nbsp; Maybe you celebrate the holidays each year in a similar manner.&nbsp; How important is ritual to the human experience? The Interfaith Amigos muse on this subject. Thu, 01 Aug 2013 16:00:00 +0000 Weekday 17741 at Providing Equal Health Care, Art Of Our City, And The Interfaith Amigos