environmentalism http://kuow.org en Improving River Health With Natural Infrastructure And Incentives http://kuow.org/post/improving-river-health-natural-infrastructure-and-incentives For decades, the government has enforced regulations to protect and improve water quality. But what about rewarding people for voluntarily managing their land in ways that keep rivers cool and clean?<p>It's an approach that's underway along two Oregon watersheds: the McKenzie River east of Eugene and the Rogue River near Medford.<p>Marilyn Cross owns property along a stretch of the McKenzie. In 2010 she was among hundreds of landowners who opposed an ordinance that aimed to protect the river's water quality by restricting landowners' streamside activity. Mon, 10 Mar 2014 15:36:37 +0000 editor 30172 at http://kuow.org Improving River Health With Natural Infrastructure And Incentives Brenda Peterson: Finding Common Ground http://kuow.org/post/finding-common-ground <p>It's sometimes difficult to engage in conversation with people whose beliefs are very different from your own. But <a href="http://www.iwanttobeleftbehind.com/">Brenda Peterson</a>, a West Seattle author and environmentalist, has found a place on a local beach where she can have those conversations. It's a sanctuary for Brenda where she finds connection with creatures of all kinds. And it's the place where she founded the nonprofit <a href="http://www.sealsitters.org/">Seal Sitters</a> a few years ago.</p><p>Seal Sitters is a volunteer organization that watches after seal pups that show up on Puget Sound beaches. Brenda Peterson speaks with KUOW's Dave Beck. Her new children's book, based on her experiences with Seal Sitters, is called <a href="http://www.leopardandsilkie.com/">"Leopard and Silkie."</a></p><p><strong>Other stories from <em>KUOW Presents</em>:</strong></p><p> Tue, 09 Oct 2012 20:53:13 +0000 Megan Sukys 1319 at http://kuow.org Brenda Peterson: Finding Common Ground