Jill Jackson http://kuow.org en A Budget Deal, Immigration, Understanding Cancer, And Pet Questions Answered http://kuow.org/post/budget-deal-immigration-understanding-cancer-and-pet-questions-answered <p></p><p><strong>Budget Deal In Olympia</strong><br>Everett Herald columnist and Weekday’s regular Olympia guru Jerry Cornfield brings us analysis of the tentative budget deal reached by state lawmakers.<br>&nbsp;<br><strong>Immigration Deal In DC</strong><br>Yesterday's immigration reform vote is being hailed as a rare example of bipartisanship. The Senate voted 68 to 32 yesterday to overhaul the nation’s immigration system. It now heads to the House. We talk with Jill Jackson of CBS News from Washington, DC.</p><p><strong>Rethinking How We Study Cancer</strong><br>A scientist at Johns Hopkins University developed a mathematical model to better understand why some cancer tumors are resistant to cancer fighting drugs. Science reporter <a href="http://carlzimmer.com/">Carl Zimmer</a> explains the study and how scientists are changing the way they think about cancer.</p><p><strong>Pet Questions Answered</strong><br>Got a difficult dog or cat? Pet trainer, Steve Duno, tackles your questions at 206.543.5869 (KUOW).&nbsp; Also, is neutering dogs always a good idea?&nbsp;&nbsp; Fri, 28 Jun 2013 16:00:00 +0000 Weekday 15709 at http://kuow.org A Budget Deal, Immigration, Understanding Cancer, And Pet Questions Answered DC Update, Media & History, Interfaith Amigos http://kuow.org/post/dc-update-media-history-interfaith-amigos <p></p><p><strong>The Washington, DC: Week In Review</strong><br>What was it like to work in Washington, DC, last week? Lawmakers rejected all the gun control proposals despite testimony from Newtown parents. President Obama expressed his disappointment, calling it a "shameful day" for the country. Add to that, the contaminated letters and awful bombing in Boston. CBS News producer Jill Jackson brings us a week in review.</p><p><strong>How Media Shapes History</strong><br>Thousands of years ago, the development of writing gave power to writers. Today, the computer gives power to coders. <a href="http://efficientfrontier.com">William Bernstein</a> chronicles the impacts technology has on human communication from its origins in Mesopotamia to our 21st century global society in his book, <a href="http://efficientfrontier.com/ef/0adhoc/MOTWIntro.pdf">“Masters of the Word: How Media Shaped History.”</a></p><p><strong>Interfaith Amigos: Ancient Texts In A Modern World</strong><br>The Bible, the Torah and the Quran are ancient religious texts written for an ancient audience.&nbsp; How do we adapt ancient teachings to a modern world? The Interfaith Amigos share their views. Mon, 22 Apr 2013 16:00:00 +0000 Weekday with Steve Scher 11678 at http://kuow.org