Washington State Transportation Commission http://kuow.org en Proposal: Half-Price Youth Fares On Wash. State Ferries http://kuow.org/post/proposal-half-price-youth-fares-wash-state-ferries <p><em>Correction 7/9/13: A previous version of this story erroneously stated that on the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry, the peak season, round-trip fare for a car and driver would go up $0.90 to $17.30. That total was a one-way fare. In fact, the round-trip fare would increase $1.80, to $34.60.</em></p><p>If you ride the Washington State Ferries, prepare to pay a bit more. The Washington State Transportation Commission wants to increase fares by about&nbsp;six percent within the next year. The commission says the rate hike is needed to meet revenue targets set by the legislature in the 2013-2015 transportation budget. Tue, 09 Jul 2013 00:51:48 +0000 Liz Jones 16293 at http://kuow.org Proposal: Half-Price Youth Fares On Wash. State Ferries Transportation Package Fails To Pass http://kuow.org/post/transportation-package-fails-pass <p><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong>The Washington state legislature failed to pass a transportation package this past weekend. With the recent collapse of the Skagit Bridge at the forefront of our minds, we take a look at what this means for current and future transportation projects in the state. Ross Reynolds hears from <a href="http://wstc.wa.gov/AboutUs/Commissioners/default.htm">Dan O'Neal</a>, the chairman of the Washington State Transportation Committee. Mon, 01 Jul 2013 18:29:51 +0000 the conversation with ross reynolds 15888 at http://kuow.org Toll Plan Cheat Sheet http://kuow.org/post/toll-plan-cheat-sheet <p>Washington state officials announced proposals on Tuesday to increase the toll rates on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and the State Route 520 floating bridge. The tolls are being used to pay off bonds that support the financing of the bridge projects. The bond contracts for those bridges are very different, which means the tolling plans are different.<br> Fri, 22 Mar 2013 21:25:32 +0000 Derek Wang 10218 at http://kuow.org Toll Plan Cheat Sheet