biotech en Merck Buys Idenix And Their Drug For Hepatitis C <p>Marcie Sillman talks to biotech journalist Luke Timmerman about the pharmaceutical company Merck buying the biotech company Idenix for&nbsp; over $3 billion and what that means for the future of a hepatitis C treatment. Also, they discuss the latest from the American Society Of Clinical Oncology meeting. Mon, 09 Jun 2014 22:11:56 +0000 Marcie Sillman & Amina Al-Sadi 36086 at Bionic Bulldogs And Spider Goats: The Future Of Biotech's New Beasts <p>How is biotechnology changing our pets, our livestock and other wild things? Ross Reynolds talks with Emily Anthes, the author of "Frankenstein’s Cat: Cuddling up to Biotech’s Brave New Beasts," about how biotech will change our pets and livestock.</p><p><em>This interview originally aired on March 14, 2013.</em></p><p> Mon, 21 Apr 2014 17:28:21 +0000 Ross Reynolds & Arwen Nicks 9751 at Bionic Bulldogs And Spider Goats: The Future Of Biotech's New Beasts Luke Timmerman On Finding Biotech Work <p>The biotech industry took a big hit during the recession, and it can <a href="">still be difficult in this area to find and keep work in that field</a>. But for those looking to enter the industry there are a few things you should keep in mind. Luke Timmerman, the national biotech editor at Xconomy, an online business and technology blog, explains what you should consider before taking a job in biotech and the challenges of the industry. Wed, 25 Sep 2013 17:56:14 +0000 Ross Reynolds & Kara McDermott 20978 at Luke Timmerman On Finding Biotech Work Biotech News, And What's In The Fridge? <p><strong>Biotech News</strong><br>What's happening in the world of biotech? Journalist <a href="">Luke Timmerman</a> from <a href="">Xconomy</a> tells us about the region’s big stories.<br><br><strong>What’s In The Fridge?</strong><br>“The Chef in the Hat” <a href="">Thierry Rautureau</a> joins us to make new recipes from the leftovers in your fridge. Have a look inside and tell us what ingredients you have. We'll help you make a delicious dinner without a trip to the store. Call us at 800.289.5869 or <a href="">email <em>Weekday</em></a><em>.&nbsp;&nbsp;</em></p><p><strong>Weekend Weather Forecast</strong><br>State climatologist <a href="">Nick Bond</a> gives us a weather forecast for the weekend. Fri, 02 Aug 2013 16:00:00 +0000 Weekday 17819 at Biotech News, And What's In The Fridge?