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Copywriting Guidelines

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Your KUOW account manager will work with you to create an announcement that will suit your marketing needs and ensure compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations [Section 399B of the Federal Communications Act of 1934 and Sections 73.503(d) and 73.503(e), FCC 2d 255 (1994)] which apply to non–commercial stations and station policy.

The FCC regulations and KUOW guidelines serve to protect the non–commercial environment so highly valued by public radio listeners. As a result, your business shares in the integrity of the special relationship that exists between KUOW and its listeners.

Your announcement may include a selection of the following elements:

  • Underwriting credits may be up to 15 seconds in length (approximately 67 syllables following the introduction)
  • Business name or that of a subsidiary, legal DBA, operating division or parent company.
  • Maximum of two mentions of company name to include internet URL if it includes company name Location of business
  • Years in business
  • Business address, URL or phone number
  • A value–neutral description of your business's products and services
  • Up to three trade names, products or services that identify your business
  • An established corporate slogan that is consistent with guidelines

Announcements may not contain:

  • Slogans and positioning statements coined only for short term or specific marketing campaigns
  • Calls to action or inducements to buy or sell, rent or lease
  • Pricing or other inducements, including interest–free rates or promotional offers, sale or discount information or complimentary services
  • Qualitative, comparative or promotional language including memberships, citing of awards or third party endorsements
  • Music beds or sound effects
  • Use of personal pronouns, or other content that speaks directly to the listeners, that create the impression of a KUOW endorsement

More Information

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