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Event Details

  • December 7, 2017 to
    December 9, 2017
  • 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • $23-$30
  • Discounts available for Under-25, Seniors, and TeenTix members
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Event Description

The YC dancers (photo: Stefano Altamura)

Seattle-based choreographer, director, and educator Kate Wallich returns to OtB with her company The YC for the premiere of a new full-length work, Dream Dances. Consisting of intertwined and layered movement scenes, this performance inspired by dreams and dreaming combines complex physicality with restrained dynamism. Dream Dances is a meditative study in forming/re-forming and spatial geometry, and like the heightened reality of dreams, brings ‘amplified life’ to the stage. Frequent collaborators Johnny Goss and Andrew J.S. contributed the score.

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