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4:48 pm
Mon September 8, 2014

Amazon Slashes Phone Prices

Marcie Sillman talks to Todd Bishop, co-founder of Geekwire, about the new Amazon Fire phone, Apple's new wearables and other tech news.

Illegal Immigration
4:01 pm
Mon September 8, 2014

Why Washington Jails Aren't Detaining Undocumented Immigrants

Marcie Sillman talks with Jorge Baron, executive director of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, about why Washington counties are not detaining immigrants per the request of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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Plastic Prosthetics
3:55 pm
Mon September 8, 2014

How To Print A Hand From Home

A boy learns to use a hand printed for him by Ivan Owen.
Credit e-NABLE

 Marcie Sillman speaks with Ivan Owen, co-creator of a 3D printed hand design that inspired a collaborative online community to make prosthetics for people on limited budgets.

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Changing City
2:25 pm
Mon September 8, 2014

Scott Kubly On Transportation In Seattle

Scott Kubly accepting Major Murray's appointment to direct the Seattle Department of Transportation.
Credit City of Seattle Photo

Ross Reynolds talks to Scott Kubly, director of Seattle's Department of Transportation about his plans to improve Seattle's transportation system.

1:48 pm
Mon September 8, 2014

Tennis Coach Steve Wilkinson's Unusual Approach To Winning

Ross Reynolds speaks with Steve Wilkinson, a member of the U.S. Professional Tennis Association Hall of Fame. He was the winningest coach in college tennis while at Gustavus Adolphus College for 39 years from 1971 to 2009.  

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1:23 pm
Mon September 8, 2014

Northwest Cuisine By Boat, Whale And Walrus

Ross Reynolds speaks with Seattle chef and restaurateur Renee Erickson about her first cookbook, "A Boat, a Whale, & a Walrus: Menus and Stories,” written with Jess Thomson. Erickson talks about going from an art major at the University of Washington to running four restaurants, The Whale Wins, the Boat Street Café, Barnacle, and the Walrus and the Carpenter, an acclaimed oyster bar.

4:21 pm
Fri September 5, 2014

Hi! I'm A Nutria (That Pesky Rodent With Orange Teeth)

Credit Drew Christie

Olympia has developed a pesky problem. The Olympian reports that several dozen nutria are infesting Capitol Lake.

Wildlife agents from the U.S. Department of Agriculture killed four of the beaver-sized rodents that had become a nuisance, and several more killings will be scheduled.

Nutria are considered an invasive species that destroy marshlands. But what brought them to Washington State in the first place?

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3:27 pm
Fri September 5, 2014

When Drivers Hit Cyclists, What Should The Consequences Be?

Ghost bikes appear in Seattle in places where riders are hurt by motorists.
Flickr Photo/cactusbones (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Construction for a new bike lane on Second Avenue downtown began on Friday, just one week after a truck hit a cyclist, 31-year-old mother Sher Kung. She died at the scene.

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Week In Review
2:09 pm
Fri September 5, 2014

School And Seahawks Are In, But Who’s On The Outs This Week?

Flickr Photo/Hammerin Man (CC-BY-NC-ND)

School is back in session. Washington state lawmakers are not in session, but they were still in the principal's office this week. Also in trouble: bikini baristas and Christopher Columbus. Bill Radke discusses it all with Joni Balter, Knute Berger, Essex Porter and Luke Burbank.

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As American As ...
1:52 pm
Fri September 5, 2014

A Surprising History Of The Apple (And Why Red Delicious Is Out)

Flickr Photo/Debbie R

American as apple pie, the expression goes.

Except that the only apple native to North America is the crab apple, said Rowan Jacobsen, author of “Apples of Uncommon Character.” He spoke with KUOW’s Marcie Sillman about apple history – and where you can find the most delicious varieties.

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Local Comedian
1:51 pm
Fri September 5, 2014

Brad Upton On Being Almost Famous For 30 Years

Marcie Sillman sits down with Brad Upton to discuss his three decades of working as comedian, but never making it big. 

Author Talk
9:49 am
Fri September 5, 2014

Can The Soil Really Save Us From Climate Change?

Credit Kristin Ohlson's book "The Soil Will Save Us."

This week on Speakers Forum we’ll hear from author Kristin Ohlson. Her new book is "The Soil Will Save Us: How Scientists, Farmers, and Foodies Are Healing the Soil to Save the Planet."

In it she sheds light on our understanding of soil and its crucial role in capturing and storing carbon emissions. Ohlson details how changes in how we farm may hold the key to countering global warming.

Ohlson is a freelance journalist and author based in Portland, Ore. She’s written for the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, Utne and Salon. Her books include "Stalking the Divine" and "Kabul Beauty School."

Ohlson spoke at The Elliott Bay Book Company on July 28. Thanks to Anna Tatistcheff for this recording. 

Getting Fresh With Sheryl
3:09 pm
Thu September 4, 2014

Pickles And Lavender: Specialties Of Washington Farmers Markets

Sheryl Wiser surveys lavender offerings at the wonderful smelling Sequim market.
Courtesy of Sheryl Wiser

Ross Reynolds speaks with Sheryl Wiser of the Cascade Harvest Coalition about what's fresh in local farmer's markets this weekend. Wiser tells us about pickles and other specialties at some of the more than 100 farmers markets in Western Washington.

Research Testing
3:09 pm
Thu September 4, 2014

One Doctor Makes The Case For Human Trials

Flickr Photo/Chesapeake Bay Program (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Marcie Sillman talks with Fred Hutchinson cancer researcher Dr. Jim Olson about the development of a new human drug-testing model.

Defending Super Bowl Champs
3:09 pm
Thu September 4, 2014

What You Didn't Know About Seattle Seahawks Star Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson holds up the frontpage proclaiming their championship during a post-Super Bowl rally in February.
Flickr Photo/scottlum (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Marcie Sillman talks with Sport Press Northwest co-founder Art Thiel about his new book about the Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl-winning quarterback called "Russell Wilson: Standing Tall."