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Arts And Culture
2:52 pm
Tue August 19, 2014

Keeping Scarecrow Alive: The Continued Value Of Video Stores

The sign at Scarecrow says "open" -- and many hope it will stay that way as the iconic video store transitions into a nonprofit.
Credit Flickr Photo/Java Colleen (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Marcie Sillman talks to professor Robert Thompson, director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University, about the rise and fall of video stores and what their value is in the community.

Police Force
2:46 pm
Tue August 19, 2014

How Do Police Departments End Up With Military Equipment?

A member of the Emergency Response Team at the Nike Women's Half Marathon in Washington, D.C., this year.
Flickr Photo/The Q Speaks (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Ross Reynolds talks with Al Jazeera America correspondent Sebastian Walker about why police departments in the United States are acquiring military equipment.

Good Reads
2:38 pm
Tue August 19, 2014

A Book Pick To Get You As Obsessed With Ants As Sherman Alexie

Author Sherman Alexie in the KUOW studios.
Credit KUOW Photo/Bond Huberman

Arwen Nicks gets book recommendations from authors Sherman Alexie and Jess Walter.

Alexie has recently become an unofficial ant expert after reading Mark W. Moffett's "Adventures Among Ants," saying that they are the only other species to go to war.

Walter's pick is a novel by Jenny Offil called "Dept. of Speculation."

Middle East Peace Camp
3:33 pm
Mon August 18, 2014

In Seattle, Summer Camp Theme Is Middle East Peace

Marcie Sillman speaks with Safaa Elhaji and Daniel Oron, two organizers of the Middle East Peace Camp, which for 12 years has brought together Jewish and Arab children to educate them about conflict resolution and human rights.

Racial Tension
3:32 pm
Mon August 18, 2014

Local Black Teens On Ferguson: 'It's Hard To Talk To People Who Don't Care'

Yaninna Sharpley-Travis (left) and Devan Rogers (right) stand with Marcel Purnell, organizer of Youth Undoing Institutional Racism. They are making the "don't shoot" pose, which has become a popular form of social media protest after the events in Ferguso
KUOW Photo/Matthew Streib

Jeannie Yandel speaks with Devan Rogers and Yaninna Sharpley-Travis, two members of Youth Undoing Institutional Racism, about how they interpret the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, and how they interact with local police.

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Retail And Unions
3:17 pm
Mon August 18, 2014

A Conversation With Striking Amazon Workers In Germany

Karl, a worker at a fulfillment center in Germany, said he'll grow his beard until union workers get a contract from Amazon.
Credit KUOW Photo/Ross Reynolds

Ross Reynolds visited some of the workers who have participated in the strikes at Amazon fulfillment centers in Germany. The country is the second biggest market for the Seattle-based online retailer. While selling in Germany may be straightforward for Amazon, labor relations are not.

Since May last year, union employees at Amazon fulfillment centers in Germany have been gone on strike seven times for one to three days at a time.

Economic News
2:46 pm
Mon August 18, 2014

Ferguson Economics: 'Suburbs Are The New Epicenter Of Poverty In America'

Protestors rally Sunday, Aug. 10, in response to the shooting of Michael Brown, 18, by police in Ferguson, Mo.
AP Photo/Sid Hastings

Ross Reynolds talks to Jon Talton, economics columnist for the Seattle Times and founder of the blog, Rogue Columnist, about the economic landscape of Ferguson, Missouri, and how it effects racial tensions.

“Now, there’s a lot more going on in Ferguson than just the economics, but we can’t be complacent here,” Talton said.

Popular Culture
2:43 pm
Mon August 18, 2014

Ads Reflect Culture, Whether We Like It Or Not

This undated image provided by Nordstrom shows a model in a wheelchair advertising boots in the company’s annual July anniversary catalog, which is its biggest sale event of the year.
Credit Nordstrom handout

Jeannie Yandel talks with Jean Kilbourne, creator of the film series, "Killing Us Softly: Advertising’s Image Of Women," about Nordstrom's decision to include disabled models and what that tells us about society.

Live From South Lake Union
2:48 pm
Fri August 15, 2014

Unraveling The Past, Present And Future Of SLU, Seattle

The growing buildings of the South Lake Union district rise behind the Center for Wooden Boats.
KUOW Photo/Bond Huberman

With our toes dangling in the water, and seaplanes flying overhead, KUOW’s The Record comes to you live from the Center for Wooden Boats on South Lake Union.

Today, we immerse ourselves in the neighborhood, speaking with residents, business owners and workers to discover what’s behind one of Seattle’s fastest growing neighborhoods.

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Week In Review
2:21 pm
Fri August 15, 2014

Ahoy-Hoy! Week In Review Live From South Lake Union

The "Week In Review" panel at the Center for Wooden Boats: Bill Radke, Knute Berger, Joni Balter and Sherman Alexie.
KUOW Photo/Bond Huberman

KUOW's Bill Radke reviews the week's news in front of a live audience at the Center for Wooden Boats on the shores of Lake Union with Joni Balter, Knute Berger, Sherman Alexie and Luke Burbank.

The panel discusses:

  • The eyes of America turn to Ferguson, Missouri, after a police shooting. Are there any parallels to the police response to WTO in Seattle?
  • The publishing war between Amazon and Hatchette heats up. Spoiler alert: Our authorial guest has a stake in the outcome.
  • Steve Ballmer buys the LA Clippers.
  • And the Internet lights up with people dumping ice water on their heads — for a good cause.

Great Red Dragon
8:00 am
Fri August 15, 2014

Chasing China's Doomsday Cult

Propaganda against the Church of Almighty God in Beijing this year. The church aims to overthrow the Chinese government, which it calls the Great Red Dragon.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Almighty God vs. the Red Dragon: It sounds like a fantasy action film, but it is in fact a real and disturbing struggle in China.

The most vivid case involves a group of people who beat a stranger to death in a fast food restaurant. They said they had no choice because the victim was a "demon."

The killers are fanatical followers of the Church of the Almighty God, a Christian doomsday cult which claims millions of members across China and pledges to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party - which it calls the Great Red Dragon.

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KUOW Live!
5:15 pm
Thu August 14, 2014

South Lake Union: More Cranes Than Kids?

Credit KUOW Photo/Bond Huberman

When asked to describe South Lake Union in a word, KUOW’s Bill Radke chose “treacherous.”

“I rarely go to SLU so I forget it’s no longer deserted. Intersections that used to be a rolling stop now have cyclists and dogs and cycling dogs and chatting friends who just go!” he explained.

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3:27 pm
Thu August 14, 2014

How Libraries Fit Into E-Book Culture

Libraries now offer electronic ways to experience literature beyond paper and ink.
Flickr Photo/Lynn Gardner (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Marcie Sillman talks to Geoffrey Fowler, personal technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal, about the advantages and challenges libraries have  in the e-book market.

War In Afghanistan
3:26 pm
Thu August 14, 2014

'Kill Team' Soldiers From JBLM Profiled In New Documentary

A still from the trailer for "Kill Team"
Credit YouTube

Marcie Sillman talks with filmmaker Dan Krauss about his new documentary, "The Kill Team." The film features the story of Private Adam Winfield, who attempted to warn the military of war crimes against innocent civilians in Afghanistan. He later plead guilty to involvement in a killing and was sentenced for three years in prison.

Japanese Internment
3:23 pm
Thu August 14, 2014

The Significance Of The Word 'Exclusion' On WWII Memorial

Lily Kodoma stands in front of the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial. Kodoma's name, along with her parents and brothers and sisters, are inscribed on the wall behind her.
Credit KUOW Photo/Jeannie Yandel

Jeannie Yandel visits the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial, which recently underwent a name change. She speaks with memorial board member Lily Kodoma and Congressman Derek Kilmer about the significance of adding the word "exclusion" to the site which honors the residents of Japanese descent who were forcibly removed from the island during World War II.