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Online TV
1:15 pm
Tue May 14, 2013

The End Of Traditional TV?

Flickr photo/Steve Liao

More than 5 million US households don’t use traditional cable or satellite options for watching television shows, reports consumer research organization The Nielsen Company. Instead, people stream online.

Low-cost providers like Netflix or HULU are replacing the once beloved boob-tube. Ross Reynolds talks with Monica Guzman, technology columnist for The Seattle Times and GeekWire about how Americans are watching TV.

Toy Toxins
1:09 pm
Tue May 14, 2013

Are There Hidden Toxins In Your Child’s Toy?

Flickr photo/Salma Rashad

Over 5,000 children’s products contain toxic chemicals like lead or cadmium according to a list compiled by the Washington Toxic Coalition. Under Washington’s Children’s Safe Products Act, companies are required to report any use of 66 chemicals named in the act.

Ross Reynolds gets one perspective from Erika Schreder, Science Director of the Washington Toxics Coalition.

10:00 am
Tue May 14, 2013

The Challenges Facing Female Veterans And Greendays Gardening Panel

Flickr photo/Expert Infantry

 The Challenges Facing Female Veterans
Women comprise 14 percent of the military, but VA hospital services and the military system are still primarily male-oriented.

Seattle US Marine veteran, Angela Arellano, and local post-traumatic stress disorder expert, Bridget Cantrell, appear in a new documentary by independent filmmaker Marcia Rock called “Service: When Women Come Marching Home.” They talk about the challenges facing disabled female veterans and how PTSD is addressed. Also, military sexual trauma remains a major issue.

Washington Senator Patty Murray introduced the Combating Military Sexual Assault Act of 2013 last Tuesday. We'll ask them how the act has been received among female veterans.

Greendays Gardening Panel
Our gardening panel includes a flower expert, native plant expert and vegetable gardening expert.  They answer your gardening questions every Tuesday. Call 206.543.5869 with your gardening questions, or email them to us at    

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Arts and Entertainment
9:00 am
Tue May 14, 2013

New Music And Writing Nonfiction

Flickr photo/Brett Levin

New Music Recommendation
Are you stuck in a music listening rut? We are surrounded by new music and innovative artists. Branch out with new music recommendations every Tuesday at 9:20 a.m. KUOW’s Dave Beck focuses on William Henry Fry, a Philadelphia-born journalist, composer and outspoken advocate for American music.

Writing Nonfiction With Susan Orlean
Susan Orlean spends a lot of time working on her nonfiction. She spent 10 years researching her most recent book “Rin Tin Tin,” for example. Susan Orlean talks about her process and her passions and what it means to devote yourself to a subject for so long.

Understanding Cyber Security
A rise in the amount of cyber attacks has drawn concern over the safety of private information. Hackers will target anything from The Onion’s Twitter page to the processing systems of energy corporations. Their motivations range from political to criminal, be it stealing confidential information or debilitating essential operations.

In a world that relies more and more on technologies to run and store our lives, cyber security is a paramount concern. UW Professor Tadayoshi Kohno studies technological security and the methods of hackers. He joins us to discuss cyber security.     

The Weather And Hike Of The Week
Michael Fagin suggests a hike that matches the week’s weather forecast.

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Space Habitats
1:17 pm
Mon May 13, 2013

Space Oddity Chris Hadfield Falls To Earth Tonight

One of Chris Hadfield's snapshots of earth from the International Space Station. Shown here is a portion of the Black Sea.
Credit Chris Hadfield / NASA

Today, the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield begins his return to Earth. But during the past six months he's spent at the international space station, he's become a big celebrity, even for an astronaut. That's because he posts his observations from space on twitter, along with photos of places on Earth as he passes overhead. Yesterday, he tweeted a farewell message to his 800,000 twitter followers. The tweet included a link to him singing a version of David Bowie's song, "Space Oddity."

Other stories on KUOW Presents, May 13:

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11:51 am
Mon May 13, 2013

The Onlies: Seattle High School Students Make Beautiful Music

The Onlies Play Live in KUOW Performance Studio
Bond Huberman

Marcie Sillman interviews The Onlies.

When it comes to musical talent, there's no shortage in Seattle. The city boasts a thriving indie rock scene, great jazz and classical musicians, and the country's most popular hip-hop act, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. 

But the string trio The Onlies are little outside the norm. For one thing, Sami Braman, Ryan Calcagno and Leo Shannon play fiddle-inspired old-time and traditional tunes. And for another, despite performing together for a decade, none of the three is old enough to have a driver's license.

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Tuition Increase
11:20 am
Mon May 13, 2013

UW Student Group Backs Tuition Increase For Faculty Pay Raise

Flickr Photo/Dmitry Alexeenko

A student advisory group at the University of Washington says it's time for faculty to get raises after a 4-year wage freeze. But if state lawmakers don't fund a raise, the Provost’s Advisory Committee for Students would support a 3 percent tuition increase to pay for it. Evan Smith, who is the President of the Associated Students of the University of Washington, tells KUOW's Ross Reynolds why he supports a tuition increase.

Arts and Entertainment
10:00 am
Mon May 13, 2013

This Week In Olympia, What Makes A Good Death, And The Onlies

The Onlies in Big Sur, 2012.
Courtesy The Onlies

This Week In Olympia
The state legislature begins its special session today. Everett Herald reporter Jerry Cornfield joins us with a  look at what to expect.

What Makes A Good Death?
Retired pulmonary and critical care doctor, Jim deMaine, has seen his fair share of good and bad deaths.  He shares his views on making a good and peaceful exit.  

The Music Of The Onlies
Samantha Braman, Riley Calcagno and Leo Shannon have been playing fiddle since they were 6, 4 and 5, respectively. Now 10 years later they’ve released their first full-length CD, "Setting Out To Sea." As freshmen at Garfield High School, The Onlies play their folk string music at concerts, festivals, weddings, dances; busking from Port Townsend to Portland, Ore. They’ve been a band for five years, creating original fiddle-driven music as well as traditional Celtic, old-time, American and Canadian inspired tunes.

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Politics & Government
9:00 am
Mon May 13, 2013

Ask The Seattle Mayor

Courtesy/City of Seattle

Ask Mayor McGinn
Chris Hansen has upped his bid for the Sacramento Kings by another $75 million. We will ask Mayor Mike McGinn about the future of the Seattle Sonics and whether the city will build a stadium without a team.

Also, we’ll ask the mayor for his take on May Day, Seattle parks, new Seattle Police Department hiring rules and just what happened with those guns turned peace bricks? He will be in to answer those questions, and if you have any questions for the mayor call us at 800.289.5869 or write to

What To Expect From The NBA This Week
The NBA Board of Governors are meeting this Wednesday to decide whether or not to approve the relocation of the Sacramento Kings to Seattle. King 5 reporter Chris Daniels has been following the saga from its onset. He regularly tweets updates on the Sacramento Kings and NBA decision.   

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RadioActive Spring 2013
8:00 am
Sat May 11, 2013

Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" Changes Teens' Shopping Habits

Varun Dhananjaya speaking at the RadioActive Spring 2013 Listening Party.
Credit KUOW Photo/Jason Pagano

Seattle-based Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' single "Thrift Shop" has topped the charts multiple times. But besides getting people humming along to its catchy melody, "Thrift Shop" is also creating a lot of interest in actual thrift shopping amongst Eastside teens.

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American Dream
2:56 pm
Fri May 10, 2013

Immigration And The Global Talent Search

Coming up on Spotlight, May 13 at 8:00 p.m.

It's the American dream: move to the United States, start your own business, build a successful life. But has the United States lost its edge in attracting the best and brightest entrepreneurs?

In this month's America Abroad, we'll learn about the significant role immigrants play in creating small and mid-sized businesses. We'll hear how the American visa process could be deterring potential entrepreneurs, particularly from math and engineering-focused places like India. And we'll learn what other countries are doing to attract foreign talent and help themselves out of the global recession.

News From Olympia
12:13 pm
Fri May 10, 2013

Olympia Update With Austin Jenkins

Washington state capitol in Olympia.
Flickr Photo/Alan Cordova

Ross Reynolds gets a preview of next week's special legislative session from Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins.

News Savvy
12:08 pm
Fri May 10, 2013

Conversation News Quiz!

Don't just walk the walk, take the quiz!
Flickr Photo/An Untrained Eye

What is short and sweet and fun all over? This week's Conversation news quiz! Tune in and hear a listener play for the chance to be crowned the Conversationalist of the Week!

Listener Call-In
12:04 pm
Fri May 10, 2013

The Best And Worst Advice From Mothers

The best advice from Mom is probably the advice I didn't follow.
Flickr Photo/Kevin Dooley

Mother’s Day is Sunday! Ross asks listeners about advice from their mothers.

11:57 am
Fri May 10, 2013

National Train Day: An Update On Northwest Rail Lines

Guests fill the main waiting room of the King Street Station during a reopening April 24, 2013. The historic waiting room at Seattle's King Street rail station has been restored to look exactly as it did when it opened in 1906 with its ornamental plaster ceiling, Corinthian columns, mosaic floor tiles and a massive bronze chandelier.
Credit AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

Tomorrow is Amtrak’s National Train Day, a holiday that was started back in 2008 to celebrate US passenger trains. Here in Seattle, the King Street station was recently renovated with the help of funds from the federal government. But starting in October, the feds are cutting funding to Amtrak lines that are less than 750 miles long. The effects of the change will be felt here. Ross gets the details from Ron Pate of the state Transportation Department’s rail division.

We also hear from Sound Transit spokeswoman Kimberly Reason about the Sounder Train and Light Rail projects. Plus, Ross talks trains with Seattle Times economics columnist Jon Talton.