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Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, left, walks past his husband, Michael Shiosaki, center, and his attorney, Bob Sulkin, to make a statement to media members Friday, April 7, 2017, in Seattle.
AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

Mayor Ed Murray resigns after cousin accuses him of child sex abuse

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced his resignation on Tuesday, effective at 5:00 Wednesday, after the latest sexual abuse allegation against him.

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Women Turning Oppression Into Opportunity

Mar 1, 2011



I'm Michel Martin, and this is TELL ME MORE, from NPR News.

The protests and the violence in Libya are continuing, which has led to a jump in oil prices, which has led to a jump in the price of gas. We'll talk about how and why what is going on half a world away is affecting what's left in our wallets here. That is later in the program.



This is TALK OF THE NATION. Im Neal Conan in Washington.

The House voted on health care a few days ago. The president may decide on Afghanistan as soon as few days from now. And, of course, in New York theyre still sweeping up ticker tape. Its Wednesday and time for a championship edition of the Political Junkie.

President RONALD REAGAN: There you go again.

Former Vice President WALTER MONDALE: When I hear your new ideas, Im reminded of that ad. Wheres the beef?

Tales from the Lost and Found

Sep 18, 2007

From the lost piece of luggage to the long-missing set of keys, what's the most bizarre thing you've lost and then found?

Dan Brucker, spokesman for the Metro-North Railroad, reveals what gets left behind on New York City's trains. Also, Davy Rothbart, creator of FOUND magazine, shares stories of stray belongings.

Davy Rothbart, creator and editor of FOUND Magazine

Dan Brucker, spokesman for the Metro-North Railroad, which operates New York City's Grand Central Terminal

'FOUND' Takes Interest in the Ordinary

Jun 26, 2003

Davy Rothbart is the creator of FOUND magazine, an occasionally-published journal filled with found notes, photos and audio sent in from all over the nation. The magazine prints these found submissions using grainy, black-and-white photocopies seemingly taped together on the page.

The found objects could be love letters, reminders, journal entries, even scrawled threats like this one: "Paul and Olivia, Our doorbell is NOT a toy, stop ringing it or I'll have to call your parents."



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