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If we're terrible drivers, so is everyone else, because there's little difference between driver behavior across regions.
Flickr Photo/Susan Murtaugh (CC BY-ND 2.0) https://flic.kr/p/7rdUUW

Are Seattle drivers really so terrible?

If there’s one thing Seattleites want to know, it’s this: Why is everyone else such a terrible driver?

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Norse Peak fire on the morning of September 5. The growth caused an evacuation of Crystal Mountain Ski Resort.
Courtesy of Norse Peak Fire Information Facebook Page

Wildfire near Crystal Mountain doubled overnight and is still growing

A Coast Guard C-130 flies over the Arctic Ocean during an Office of Naval Research-sponsored study of the changing sea ice, ocean and atmosphere. Arctic ice is decreasing dramatically.
Flickr Photo/Office of Naval Research (CC BY 2.0)/http://bit.ly/1L2lhwW

Antarctica’s sea ice dropped dramatically last year. UW looked into why

'FOUND' Takes Interest in the Ordinary

Jun 26, 2003

Davy Rothbart is the creator of FOUND magazine, an occasionally-published journal filled with found notes, photos and audio sent in from all over the nation. The magazine prints these found submissions using grainy, black-and-white photocopies seemingly taped together on the page.

The found objects could be love letters, reminders, journal entries, even scrawled threats like this one: "Paul and Olivia, Our doorbell is NOT a toy, stop ringing it or I'll have to call your parents."



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