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Week In Review: Live from Bothell!

Who will be Seattle's next police chief? Interim chief Carmen Best is back in the running after former Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay dropped out of the race. And how dangerous is the City of Seattle really? Crime statistics and people’s perceptions tell two different stories.

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People who have been through a sexual assault often find that the first hospital they go to can’t help them. Many hospitals across the country don’t have evidence gathering kits or nurses trained to offer care and support.

That may soon change because of a bipartisan bill just introduced in Congress. 

Kids These Days: Studying Post-Millennial Stereotypes

Jul 12, 2018

Kids these days, right? 

Martin Monto is skeptical. 

Monto, a sociology professor at the University of Portland, researches the high school and college student age group as well as recent college graduates — a generation sometimes referred to as the iGeneration or post-Millennials. Monto’s research challenges stereotypes about this generation.

What first interested Monto in the topic was a student who approached him interested in studying stereotypes about “hookup culture.”

Regardless of where you live in the Northwest, someone was there before you…but who?

Seattle police officers observe marchers moving down 4th Avenue during the Black Lives Matter rally in Seattle, Saturday April 15, 2017.
KUOW Photo/Daniel Berman

Seattle is down to the final three contenders for Seattle Police chief. Mayor Jenny Durkan has said she will announce the appointee this month.

From Bend, Oregon, to Ellensburg, Washington, there is a fire weather watch Friday for hot temperatures, low humidity and breezy weather.

Goat's milk. Sheep's milk. Soy milk. Almond milk. The grocery store shelves these days are filled with alternatives to dairy from cows. But in Europe, interest is growing in milk from a surprising source: horses.

Russia's information attack against the United States during the 2016 election cycle sought to take advantage of the greater trust that Americans tend to place in local news.

The information operatives who worked out of the Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg did not stop at posing as American social media users or spreading false information from purported news sources, according to new details.

They also created a number of Twitter accounts that posed as sources for Americans' hometown headlines.

Target is building a tiny store in Seattle' s U-District
Rendering by Target

For some, this story could be just one sentence punctuated with approximately 28 exclamation points: Target is coming to the University District.

Staying cool in the International Fountain at Seattle Center is one way to beat the heat.
KUOW Photo/Gil Aegerter

If you don’t have air conditioning like most of Seattle, what’s the best way to cool your home? 

University Temple United Methodist Church in Seattle's University District
KUOW photo/Kate Walters

Seattle’s University District is about to undergo a massive transformation.

Light rail is coming in, buildings are going to get taller, and some old businesses are moving out.

And not even churches are immune to the changes.



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